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cute art for licensingSUPERCUTE art for LICENSING

PUFFY P creates fun and graphic art for licensing, with a specialization in the womens, youth, and Hispanic markets. With 6 years of experience in licensing - (and 15+ years in illustration, design and marketing), we bring together branding savvy and on-trend art. We've got a passion for pop culture, and work in a variety of digital styles. Our brands can be seen worldwide on paper products, stickers, buttons, cell phone accessories and apps.

We provide our manufacturers with organized vector art files containing repeat patterns, borders, icons, and product concepts. Please email us to request art samples or to access our archives.

art for licensing
hrFeatured Properties & NEW WORK:

Check out our new holiday art collections:
puffyp new holiday art

The Kreemy Snack Kids
is a brand inspired by Japanese Candy Packaging. Sweet!
kawaii art for licensing the kreemy snack kids

The Bad Day Betty brand is ready to take on the world! Grumpy, and perpetually PMS'ing, she tells it like it is.
goth art for licensing bad day betty


kawaii iphone apps


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Go to Pilar Erika Johnson creative.


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