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!!!!!!!CLICK HERE for PUFFY P blog!!!!!!!!
9/13/10 - We are moving our news section to our blog


PUFFY P in hot topic
5/10 - The Kreemy Snack Kids in Hot Topic
We have a few of our Kreemy characters on stickers and buttons for one of our fave shops, Hot Topic.

5/10 - Click here to see our video of the PUFFY P Licensing Story

iphone app store
9/09 - The Kreemy Snack Kids iphone app
Check out the kids memory game starring our cuties.
Yummy Match Featuring the Kreemy Snack Kids

puffy p in target
3/09 - PUFFY P goes GREEN in TARGET stores.
Check out our eco-sticker line for Target. All stickers had conservation tips printed on the back, and were produced with recycled packaging materials.

3/08 - Lots o' new stickers & buttons available through the manufacturer, Yujean

2/08 - White Trash & Diva characters used for European back to school line through Dresz

12/07 - Pilar's work was included in"Crumble Crackle Burn", by Von Glitschka. Check the art out here.

7/07 - Check out pix from Licensing '07!

12/17/06 - Sunday - We'll be selling our wares at the Holiday Feria Urbana - SF's Canvas Gallery, 12-5 pm. 9th ave & Irving. Come by & shop in style!

10/21-22/06- Next big happening: SF Open Studios

7/20/06 - Check out pix from Licensing 2006!


10/10 - Kawaii Punk Blog - "Cute iPhone Wallpapers from PUFFY P"
A sweet mention on a Kawaii Blog.

9/10 - Tara Reed Design Blog "Cool iphone Apps from Artist PUFFY P"
A nice mention of our apps on Tara's Licensing blog.

7/07 - License Global Magazine- "An Artistic Persepective- Art Briefs"

!! Licensing Show followup article with mentions of The Kreemy Snack Kids & Princess GlamourPuss!!

7/07 - LicenseBook Magazine- "PUFFY P Debuts Sweet Characters" (the Kreemy Snack Kids)
!! this was an especially good press mention, quoting me in BOLD CALLOUT TYPE!!!

7/07 - PlaythingsMagazine - "Building Business with Character" (the Kreemy Snack Kids)
!! alongside Marvel, SONY, Scholastic, Nickelodeon, and other giant brands!! Pretty much PUFFY P & Angry Little Girls were the only boutique sized firms.

7/07 - Playthings Website BUZZ- "Companies with Character" (the Kreemy Snack Kids)

6/07 - Blue Dot Kids Trends- "the Kreemy Snack Kids"
!! this kids industry newsletter even featured all the KSK's character names!!!

5/07 - License Global Magazine- "License Show Preview"

1/07 - Total Art Licensing - "PUFFY P Signs Mobile Content Licensing Agreement"

9/06 - License Magazine - "You've got Male"
!! very nice coverage on PUFFY P's work for the boys markets!!!

7/06 - Giftware News - Greeting Card Gazette- "PUFFY P Introduces New Auto Art"

6/20/06 - License Magazine / Licensing International Show - "Licensing Show Dailies"

5/1/06 - License Magazine - "2006 Show Preview"

Additional Press:

3/20/07 - Pilar interviewed for Design Inspiration

6/1/06 - Pilar illustrates for an *80's icon

10/21/05 - Alternative Pick Interview with Pilar Erika Johnson - Featured Artist

11/20/03 - Something Pilar